Akel's Delicatessen Catering

Our diverse array of mouth-watering wraps, sandwiches and salads will keep your guests well satisfied. We offer catering services in Jacksonville, Florida.

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We can customize any catering order for any special event. Please note that prices will be adjusted accordingly.  All prices are subjected to sales tax, unless given proof of tax exemption form. Each catering will subjected to a 15% gratuity charge. As always, we appreciate your business and hope that we make your catering experience as pleasurable as possible for you and your guests. Remember "your pleasure is our priority". 

All catering orders must be in before 9:00 am for same day orders and can not be over 25 people.  All other catering orders (especially custom or large orders) must be given 24-36 hours notice.

Catering Services

Continental Breakfast 15 person minimum - Bagels, Large muffins (flavors vary), Croissants, jelly's, cream cheese, butter. Setup includes knives, forks, napkins and plates ($6.99/person)

Coffee - 1 urn Akel's Blend, flavored or decaf 8-10 people ($18.99)  - 2 urns 15-18 people ($34.99) - Setup includes cups, stirs, sweeteners and creamers

Orange Juice by the Gallon 15-18 people $10.99 - Setup includes cups and napkins

Small bowl 14-16 people $39.99 Large bowl 28-34 people $72.99 Setup includes plates, serving spoon, forks and napkins

Hot Breakfast Buffet - 20 person minimum on all hot breakfast buffet orders
Scrambled eggs, sausage patties, bacon, grits, home fries, muffins, bagels toast, butter, jelly and cream cheese. $11.99/person - Setup includes plates, napkins, forks, knives, spoons, serving utensils (All hot breakfast buffet caterings are prepared in Chafing trays with flames so please do be careful and use Extreme Caution when around them.

Akel's employees will set up Chafing trays in most instances.

Lunch Catering Menu 

Assorted Sandwich and Wrap platters orders must be a minimum of 15 people.

Assorted Platter #1
Oven roasted turkey, Black Forest Virginia ham, roast beef, homemade white albacore tuna salad, homemade all white meat chicken salad served on white, whole wheat, marble rye, or Kaiser roll. Comes with side of Carolina potato salad or spinach feta pasta salad, and setup includes: plates, forks, napkins and serving spoons........($8.99/person)

Assorted Platter #2
Same as above plus fresh baked dessert platter (cookies, brownies, baklava) Iced tea, cups, lemons, sweeteners and stirs....($9.99/person) Assorted Platter #3
Same as above plus fresh seasonal mixed fruit bowl...($10.99/person)

Make any assorted sandwich platter into flavored wrap, pitas, or subs add....($.75/person)

Boxed Lunches are available. Box lunches range from $8.49/person - $10.99/person) Boxes can be personalized!

Dessert Caterings

Large Muffins (flavors vary) $1.69/person or $24.99/dozen includes tongs Small cookies $.99/person or  $15.99/dozen Cakes, cheese cakes or mousse cakes all available upon request

Cakes start at $22.99 and up.

Whole cakes only! No splits, Thank You!

Please give 24 hour notice on all cake orders

Akel's Delicatessen Catering

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